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Travelling with dogs: 7 myths busted


When it comes to travelling with dogs there are no problems, only solutions!

Myth 1: I won’t be able to find pet-friendly accommodation

myth 1

Not true! With the popularity of holidaying with dogs on the rise, more and more accommodation providers are opening their doors to the four-legged brigade. This is especially true of caravan parks, a great number of which will take dogs, and some even providing designated off leash play areas for them.

Myth 2: I am not camping or staying in a caravan, so pet-friendly holiday parks won’t help me

myth 2

While there are some pet-friendly holiday parks that do not accept dogs in cabins nor crated outside or sleeping in cars, a great number of parks will have at least one (but often more) designated dog-friendly cabins. Some will allow pets in any cabin with the addition of a small extra cleaning fee. You might need to shop around, but chances are you’ll find one.

Myth 3: I want to do daytime activities where I can’t have my dog therefore I can’t holiday with my dog


Finding suitable accommodation can be just half of the problem; what about when we want to go horse riding or on a swanky wine tour? The great news is that many dog-boarding kennels offer affordable doggy daycare service. Simply drop Rover off in the morning and have yourself a fabulous day knowing he is safe and sound in professional care. Be sure to pack his vaccination certificate, as you’ll need to prove he’s fully vaccinated.

Myth 4: We want to spend a few nights of our trip in a National Park where dogs are prohibited, so we can’t take our dog on holiday


Your plans to roll out a swag in one of our pristine National Parks for a night or two needn’t ruin your plan to holiday with your fur baby. There are plenty of dog boarding kennels dotted all over the country, even in unlikely small towns. There’s no reason why you can’t check Rover in for a night or two while you get in touch with nature. Again, be sure to pack his vaccination certificate, as you’ll need to prove he’s fully vaccinated.

Myth 5: My dog would hate being in a boarding kennel for even a night, so I can’t holiday with him


If you think your dog would be too nervous to spend the night in a boarding kennel (granted, dogs are generally happier in this environment in pairs – depending on the dog) you could consider a private pet-sitter. There are numerous websites linking dog owners with pet-sitters and these usually offer insurance and a review system so you can see what other dog owners have said about the sitter. Always visit the pet-sitter’s home first and ensure you are happy with leaving your pup in that environment.

Myth 6: My dog is so annoying in the car, we could never take him on holiday


If your dog is too exuberant in the car bouncing onto the driver’s knee, stealing the kids’ snacks and threatening to jump out window and doors at every given opportunity, you just need to consider an appropriate way to restrain him in the vehicle. From doggy car seats to enclosed crates, there are heaps of options to travel safely and harmoniously with your pooch. You’ll find the more time he spends feeling calm and happy in the car, the better behaved he’ll become in that environment in the long term.

Myth 7: It’ll be far too much hassle to take my dog on holiday


While it’s true that travelling with your dog will not be as simple as travelling without him, with proper planning and research the trip can be smooth and stress free. If you take on board all of the above points and do your homework in advance, you’ll have a wonderful time enjoying the company of your fur baby on the wide, open road.