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Top 10 Kimberley Travel Tips


The Kimberley is a remote, unpredictable region – so it pays to be prepared for anything! Follow these tips and we guarantee your trip will be memorable for all the right reasons.

1. Carry plenty of fuel, water and spares (including at least two extra tyres). Stock up on all your essential items in places like Broome, Derby or Kununurra.

2. Ensure you stock up on extra food as well. You never know where you might get stuck for a few extra days if the weather conditions change, so you’ll want to make sure your snacks don’t run out!

3. Drive to the road conditions and avoid windscreen damage by slowing when passing vehicles. There’s no harm in taking it slow in the Kimberley – it gives you more time to admire the views!

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4. Be croc aware at all times – especially when swimming in waterholes. Crocodile warning signs are in place for good reason!

5. Light campfires only in designated fireplaces and extinguish after use.

6. Know where you’ll be pulling up stumps every night. Driving through the Kimberley at night is not advisable, so plan your travel for the day in accordance with where you’ll be stopping to rest at the end of the day.

7. Always tell someone of your travel plans, and when you estimate you’ll be returning from your trip.

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8. Don’t forget your maps! You can’t always rely on GPS systems out in some of the more isolated corners of the Kimberley – so pack a (detailed) map just in case.

9. Before you leave, make sure to obtain permits to enter any Aboriginal land.

10. If you’re travelling in July/August, which is peak tourist season, you’ll most likely need to book ahead for camping grounds and tours. You’d be surprised at how many ‘secret waterfalls’ aren’t so secret at this time of the year!

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