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Jumping Crocodile Cruise in NT


An entertaining day out for all the family to visit the Northern Territory’s most famous inhabitant.


An easy hour's drive out of Darwin along the Stuart and Arnhem highways is the Adelaide River and our destination for the day “The Jumping Crocodile cruises” - home to some terrifying local residents with cute names such as “Agro” and “Stumpy”.


Upon arrival you can relax in the cafe and savour an ice cold drink and some lunch before boarding your boat for the hour long cruise along the famous Adelaide River.


Our guide for the day was Lex, he explained about the territories of the Crocodile and how they visit different crocodiles through the day to ensure that they don't become too accustomed to being fed from the boats.


Today we were on crocodile watch for our ‘Friends’ Agro and Stumpy, which as the names suggest, one was quite aggressive and the other was missing a foot or two.

We cruise past a few of Agro and stumpy’s mates along the river until we spot a rather grumpy crocodile which Lex confirmed was “Agro”.


To watch a crocodile of his 5.5m size cruise around our relatively small boat felt like a privilege, but to then watch the power of these crocodiles to propel themselves out of the water vertically and grab onto the food was truly fabulous.

Suitable for all the family - Cruises run almost every hour throughout the day.

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