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Gramping: holiday with grandparents


What is gramping?

We all know “glamping” (glamourous camping), but what about “Gramping”? It is the name given to the emerging trend of camping with your grandparents. Where three generations of the same family camp – parents, grandparents, and kids, and enjoy the great outdoors together.

Gramping is increasingly popular all over the world, including Australia, and the reasons why are clear; grandparents and grandkids get to spend more time together, and parents get some well-earned rest and relaxation! It’s a great way for different generations of a family to re-connect and create new summer memories, away from the pressures and distractions of everyday life.

Benefits of an extended-family holiday

Domestic holidays are also on the rise, and with some of the most beautiful holiday spots right on our doorstep here in Australia, it is easy to understand why. Staying on home turf, as opposed to flying abroad also provides an affordable and convenient way for families to holiday together.

If you’re considering gramping, what better way to experience Australia than by staying in a holiday park? There are some exceptions but they tend to cater for the whole family. From playgrounds and swimming pools to BBQ areas and on-site entertainment, they often tick all of the boxes, regardless of age and interests.  The accommodation options also mean everyone will be happy and comfortable; bring your own caravan or tent, or choose to stay in on-site accommodation.

Holiday parks are also a great way to get back to nature and introduce the kids to fun outdoor activities. We have put together our recommendations for the best family friendly holiday destinations to give you some inspiration for your Grampout.