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Bloomfield Track, QLD: Destination Guide


Offering spectacular views, secluded beaches, native wildlife and a rainforest backdrop, the Bloomfield Track in Queensland’s tropical north is a true gift for the adventurous at heart.

Read on to discover the best things to see and do on the Bloomfield Track or find and book accommodation near the Bloomfield Track today.

About the Boomfield Track

Realised in 1984 amidst heated political controversy, the Bloomfield Track is the result of a bulldozer clearing a path from Cape Tribulation north to Cooktown through a far north Queensland rainforest. Today, the Bloomfield Track’s 33km-long stretch of gravel and concrete is a popular 4WD route, leading adventurers across Emmagen Creek, 5km north of Cape Tribulation, to deserted, coconut palm-fringed beaches and secluded rainforested swimming holes.

Things to do on the Bloomfield Track

The Bloomfield Track should top any 4WD traveller’s to-do list. Not only is the track immensely beautiful, as it takes you through parts of Queensland’s iconic lowland rainforest, but it offers steep climbs, unimproved creek crossings, and boggy patches. For those who are up to the challenge, the Bloomfield Track will reward you ten-fold, with an abundance of waterfalls, walking track, swimming holes and more.

Attractions on the Bloomfield Track

Emmagen Creek Crossing

This scenic creek crossing marks the beginning of the Bloomfield track, and the start of a 4WD only domain. The creek offers a gorgeous picnic area at which to enjoy a relaxed lunch, while driving through the creek itself is an exhilarating experience to kick start your adventure.

Bloomfield Falls

Tumbling down a 40m-high rockface, these sometimes-thunderous falls rate as one of the far north’s most dramatic. If you arrive early in the May to September dry season, it’s worth checking with locals about recent rainfalls before arriving at the Bloomfield River crossing.

Cowie Beach

This secluded beach offers coconut palms, red mangroves and fringing coral reef, and makes for a pretty spot to spend a bit of time out of the car.

Wujal Wujal

Wujal Wujal is the name of a small Aboriginal community located on the north and south sides of the Bloomfield River. The area is also home to the magnificent Wujal Wujal Falls, the only one of a series of waterfalls in the area that is accessible for tourists.

Bloomfield River

The best fishing along the Bloomfield Track can be found, fittingly, in the Bloomfield River. To access to the Bloomfield River mouth, drive 2km south along the sandy track just behind the beach through Jajikal Beach Protected Reserve to reach a lovely little fishing beach where you can cast a line into the calm, albeit croccy, waters.

Home Rule

Past the cattle-studded grazing lands around Mt Louis Station and beneath the misty flanks of Mount Finlay at Rossville lies Home Rule. Avid bushwalkers will relish the eight-hour-long trail that leads to a beachfront paradise in remote Cedar Bay, in Mangkalba section of Ngalba Bulal National Park. Accessible only to walkers from one side and boaties from the other, this sublimely beautiful spot protects a tiny blue lagoon surrounded by an arc of bleached, palm-fringed sands and rugged, rainforested peaks.

Annan River

Anglers can launch a tinnie to fish for barramundi and croc-watch all the way to Walker Bay. At nearby Keatings Lagoon, a trail leads keen birdwatchers through lush, tropical wetlands where a myriad of waterbirds congregate on the outskirts of Cooktown.


In the winter dry season, it might be dusty and corrugated or washed out and packed with perilous gullies that swallow up your tyres. Rain at any time of year quickly turns the track greasy, deepening the creek crossings and toppling trees.

Getting to the Bloomfield Track

Located in Tropical North Queensland, the 33km Bloomfield Track links Cape Tribulation to Wujal Wujal and Cooktown.

The Bloomfield Track provides a great kickstart to an offroad adventure across Cape York and, if you’re keen to stay off the bitumen, take Battlecamp Road through Lakefield National Park to join the Telegraph Road en-route to the tip.

When to visit the Bloomfield Track

The track is usually at its best early in the May-to-September dry season.

Where to stay on the Bloomfield Track

Great accommodation options along the track include Haley’s Cabins and Camping in Ayton, Rossville’s Home Rule Rainforest Lodge, and the historic Lions Den Hotel.