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Aquascene Fish Feeding, NT


Looking for a family friendly activity in Darwin City that the Kids will love? Look no further than Fish Feeding NT Style

Nestled at the bottom of Doctors Gully Road is Aquascene, a unique place where the fish literally come to you to eat the bread out of your hands. This natural occurrence has been happening for over 60 years!


Kids and adults are encouraged to wander down to the boat ramp and paddle in the warm water whilst the fish swim at your feet. And there are hundreds. And not small ones either, with local visitors of Cod, Rays, Catfish and Bream

You are all encouraged to touch the fish (no grabbing). The kids love the fact that the fish are there right next to them to touch and feel.  Bread is supplied and monitored - to ensure no over feeding.

Expert commentary is given about the fish species that frequent the area, before the talk moves to their mangrove lake on the site where completely different varieties of fish have taken residence.

As this is set on the open Darwin harbour the fish only visit for a few hours a day, and is completely dependant on the tides, so please check before you visit.

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